I want to buy

Who is a business buyer?

Any person or entity who, like you, is planning to buy a business already operating. Take care because there are not included in Reempresa those people who only want to buy a minority stake of a company or business. In those cases, you can contact Business Angels network.

What we offer?

Due to the entities which are promoting Reempresa have received a public co-funding, you should know that our services have no cost for you, neither for business sellers.

How to buy a business?

To do this, you only have to register as a user in the following form, where you can choose the Reempresa Service Point in which you want to be treated.

The business transfer process

There are 6 key points to start the transferring process of a business.

Ads of businesss for sale

Access here to the published ads of Reempresa.

Support tools

We developed a buyer’s guide with the methodology to assist you in Reempresa processes and allow you to answer this question: How can I find the ideal business to buy?

FAQ’s between buyer

Does Reempresa’s service preserve confidentiality? Once I have registered, what do I have to do if I am interested in a business ad? These and more questions are the ones we try to answer in this section.