But, what is Reempresa?

Reempresa is the business transfer Marketplace for SMEs in Catalonia. It is a new model of entrepreneurship and business growth: a professional tool by which one or more buyers has access to be owners of an in operating company, to make it grow without passing by creating process. In most SMEs, and all self-employment companies, this process means the assumption of management and administration tasks by the buyer.

In Reempresa process, all company’s assets are kept, and  business continue in operating, keeping the jobs, facilities, customers and suppliers, and giving value to whole story, specially to the effort developed in business creation. In addition, with business transfer is reinforced current and future business and is promoted a marked likely to cause economic growth.

Clearly a company in ordinary operating has more possibilities and capabilities to generate resources that a new company starting from scratch, and avoids conflict and judicialisation of closing processes.