Albert Colomer, director of Reempresa, named Business Personality of the year by Euronews

Publish on 10-01-2018

Start date: 10-01-2018

End date: 10-01-2018

Barcelona, 15 January 2018. Albert Colomer, director of Centre de Reempresa de Catalunya, a business transfer marketplace for SMEs in Catalonia, was recently named Business Personality of the Year by Euronews, receiving the 51% of readers’ votes.

Euronews asked readers in December for their vote on who should be the 2017 Personalities of the Year- in fields including space, innovation, culture, business, EU and sport.

For Albert Colomer, “this award also belongs to all people in the network: institutions, supporters… and of course workers involved in all program process; and dedicated very specially to the business sellers and buyers who have found a viable alternative in Reempresa to undertake or pass the testimony of a company”

This award coincides with the European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA) of the European Commission that Reempresa won a few weeks ago in Tallinn (Estonia), which recognizes the contribution of Reempresa as an innovative policy in favor of SMEs and it’s work to safeguarding the business of a region and the fight against unemployment.

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